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Website of Heather Sparks, NBCT
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Student Games:
Late Delivery
13 Ways to Find Half
Looking for Top Quark
Transformation Golf
Math Tetris
Algebera Vs. the Cockroaches
Test Your Math Knowledge!
Place Value Pirates
Death to Decimals
Toni's Fraction Pizza Shop

Master Sites for Math Games:
Cool Math 4 Kids (math learning games)
Gamequarium (math learning games)
A+ Math (math learning games)
Funbrain (Learning Games-all subjects)
Math Online
Kings Math
Hellam Math
Shodor Interactive Math
Mr. Nussbaum
    AAA Math

Sites for Teachers:
Brain Pop
Visual Fractions
Interactive Math Tools for Algebra
Figure This! (NCTM Lessons)
Create a Graph
Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Using a Protractor
Project Interactive (Teacher Resources)
Illuminations (NCTM)
Math Related Children's Books by Topic
Movies Related to Mathematics

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Game of the Week:

Number Twins

Teachers and Parents:

There are literally thousands of websites with age-appropriate math games for students.  Each of the "master" sites on the right is a simple clearinghouse that organizes games by concept or age level.  If you find a favorite game, send me an email so I can feature it as a Game of the Week!
Favorite Links
Website of Heather Sparks, NBCT
Great Math Games for SmartBoards:
Math Millionaire
Number Balls
Ordering Fractions
Order of Operations
Pumpkin Multiples
Math Lines
Algebra Puzzle
Number Twins