2010 Mathematics Summer Institute
Cameron University
August 9-13, 2010
Monday, August 9
"From Concrete to Abstract:  Helping ALL Students Develop Algebraic Thinking (6-8)
Tuesday, August 10
Strategies for Strengthening Number Sense (2-3)
Two Dice Sum Gameboard
"Improving Access to Mathematics:  Early Childhood"
"Improving Access to Mathematics:  Grades 4-5"
Wednesday, August 11
Student or Learner?
Student/Learner 1.0 VideoStudent/Learner 2.0 VideoStudent/Learner 3.0 Video
Get Your Hands On Geometry
Geometry Sort Cards
Thursday, August 12
Perimeter Searchpattern block triangle paper
Cube Sculptures  isometric dot paper

Friday, August 13
Classroom Technology Resources for Integration with Links