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Buying A Mustang
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The Ultimate Apartment Project
Good Behavior Potion
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PowerPoint Shared Games/Reviews/Lessons
Accentuate the Negative Jeopardy*
Comparing & Scaling Jeopardy*
Filling & Wrapping Jeopardy*
Stretching & Shrinking Jeopardy*
Variables & Patterns Jeopardy*
What Do You Expect Jeopardy*
Blank Jeopardy Game
Overview of Rationals
Rational Numbers & Integer Jeopardy
Order of Operations
Differences to Identify Patterns
Graphing with Coordinates
Linear Patterns
Scatter Plots & Line of Best Fit
Real Numbers & Absolute Value
Adding Integers
Subtracting Integers
Multistep Equations
Measures of Central Tendency
Evaluating Functions (graphs & tables)
Function Notation & Evaluating Functions
Linear Functions & Graphs
Defining Slope (Slopeman)
Defining Slope #2
Rate of Change & Direct Variation
Algebra I Review
Parent Graph for Linear Equations
Interpreting Linear Graphs & Writing Linear Equations #1
Interpreting Linear Graphs & Writing Linear Equations #2
Standard Form of Linear Equations #1
Standard Form of Linear Equations #2
*Connected Math-related PowerPoints!
Equivalent Fractions Flip Book
Rules of Exponents Four-Way
3-D Geometric Figures
Measurement Conversions
More Secondary Foldables (by Carol DeFreese)

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